Strada Easel Challenge #1

This year, one of the things I’ve learned about myself is that for me, goal setting is essential. “I don’t need to sign up with anyone to paint daily” is nothing more than leaving open the door to quit. By Day 6 of this challenge, that’s exactly what I was considering and I know myself well enough that I would have quit if I had not committed to the challenge. The idea is to commit to something larger than myself and post daily for 31 days. The paintings can be any medium, or even a drawing, or parts of a larger work but posting has to happen daily and the work must be done daily. No cheating by posting something that was painted a month or two ago. This photo collage is my effort halfway through.

Very Low Tide

8×16 Oil on Canvas, Unframed – $450

There is always something remarkable to see in the Yacht Basin at Edisto Beach. I have to remember to walk softly so I won’t frighten away the heron, storks and egrets that are often feasting in the plough mud at low tide. I stand on the dock to paint and because I’m pretty slow at it, the tide goes out and I find myself standing at a slant because the dock has dropped to ground level. One of these days, my easel is going in, and I’ll have to go after it. The bottom of the creek bed reveals the Edisto Oysters.

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Twilight at Edisto from Sue's Dock

18×24 Oil on Canvas, Framed – $1200

A plein air painter often needs permission to be on private property to paint. I’m grateful to Sue for so many reasons, but one of them is her insistence that I use her dock to paint from whenever I wish and this is why so many of my paintings come from the Yacht Basin area between Edisto Beach and the state park. Time and tide work together, creating something new to paint with each visit.